Friday, December 21, 2007

Progress Report - Organization Challenge

Many know that Erika, aka Journeyfan, on the CKMB has issued a challenge for everyone to get organized. Check out her challenge on her blog. In the meantime, here's how I'm doing:

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Here's my work table. It's built in and quite large, so that's good. The bad part is that it leaves a lot of space to collect stuff that should be put away.

This is the area right next to the work table. Note the Christmas garland on the floor that I was supposed to repair three weeks ago. I guess it will not be ready for this Christmas! The large bus tub (used by bussers in restaurants) is supposed to hold things that need to be put away. As you can see, it has been a long time since I cleaned it out.

Finally, this is the large rubbermaid storage thing (about six feet tall) that used to be able to hold all my stuff. My buddy, Airborne, is also in the photo. He hangs out with me a lot when I'm scrapping.

Oh yeah, and here's even more stuff that I bought on Black Friday and just can't find a place for. I wound up shoving it into the closest that is supposed to be used for our Daisy Troop.

The solution:

And away we go! Here are some photos of the installation. I'm not going to lie, there was a lot of cursing initially. The screws that were included really were useless. Allen found some 1-5/8 inch screws in his stash (luckily, he's a tool guy) that worked much better. Here's my favorite quote from the installation:
Allen: You're not doing a very good job at holding them level.
Me: You're not doing a very good job at being nice.
Still, in the end, Allen told me to order a few more. It's a good system if you get the right screws.

And finally, here's what I've gotten put away so far. I'm off to do some more and then to order some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This may be my last post until after Christmas. If that is the case and you are still reading (thanks, btw), then have a Merry Christmas!


Candace said...

I'm too ashamed to post picture's of my scraproom now. It's SOOO BAD! I'm still trying to finish my MIL's Calendar. I should have started that back in May! LOL My room's a mess! I will get around to cleaning and organizing it soon though because it's driving me insane. :)

I'm working on a boy page and it isn't not coming together. It's hard to scrap for boys. I went shopping at walmart for some boy embellies but guess what they didnt have what I needed. I wished I lived near a mikes!

Hope you have a VERY MERRY Christmas!! Take Care!

mamatwoboys said...

WOW! That rail system does look awesome. My hubby would never commit to putting that much stuff on the wall with screws.

Hope you have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Samantha said...

Way to go!! I'd have so much fun organizing your room :) I live for stuff like that!

Have a merry Christmas, and keep up the good work :)

inara said...

Merry Christmas!

chelemom said...

It is so refreshing to see other people's craft spaces! I always feel like the biggest slob! I have stuff EVERYWHERE too! Cleaning it is just so much work.... the real solution? Don't buy anymore stuff! Yea, right. LOL!